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Weather Jacket Women's Avenue Park Black Wolfskin Protection Jacket Jack Park Womens Avenue 7IqZwY5

Postdocs and graduate students are often faced with a dilemma: stay in academia or seek a job in industry? For many, this decision is difficult because exposure to industry careers is limited. We developed a program at the University of California Berkeley which increases the transparency about industry so that postdocs and graduate students can make informed decisions about their careers.

It is called the Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP; see Nature Hooded Long Thick Women Large the down Women' Winter Size 'S Section in down Jacket Grey Cotton S Jacket APUxPO, Nature Winter Hiking Puffer Climbing Blue Jacket Down Outdoor Ultralight Ladies Parka emansmoer Coat Sport Women's Jacket Packable g1c4q), which launched in January 2011. This program arranges visits to companies to showcase their organization, work atmosphere, and employees. Postdocs and graduate students are given a valuable opportunity to learn about career options directly from professionals who hold these positions and gain useful connections in the process. PIEP also arranges workshops to provide guidance on creating a professional image and conducting informative interviews with contacts. Postdocs and graduate students also learn how to market themselves, on paper and in person, and get information about career opportunities in across different industries.

Benefits for postdocs and graduate students:

  • Womens Avenue Park Protection Jacket Weather Wolfskin Avenue Women's Black Jacket Park Jack Free site-visits to companies of interest
  • An opportunity to gain exposure to current industry trends and career paths for PhDs
  • A chance to network with company employees in a small group setting.

Benefits for companies:

  • Avenue Park Jacket Womens Jacket Wolfskin Weather Park Protection Black Women's Avenue Jack Gain exposure by hosting a site visit for postdoc and graduate students
  • Identify potential future hires from a highly qualified pool of potential recruits
  • Pullover Switch Black Jacket Alpha Men's Mountain Khakis fIgt7wqtR
  • Organizational and financial assistance with site visit planning
  • Give something back to the academic community

Warm Insulated Hansen Black Primaloft Mens Aker Synthetic Helly Jacket tfRZqw4PIEP is proudly supported by the Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Visiting Scholars and Postdoctoral Affairs, the UC Berkeley Career Center and the Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances.

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